AcroYoga Fundamentals

Bondi Pavilion with Rise Acro

adult classes for connection and play

IG: @riseacro

Adult classes every Wednesday

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Bondi Pavilion High Tide Room

$30 per class

Limited places, bookings via

AcroYoga is a play based form of partner acrobatics that complements other movement practices like yoga and dance. The primary goal are to connect and have fun!

While the practice involves two or more participants - bases (providing support) and flyers (receiving support from bases) - attending with a partner is not required. All skill levels are embraced and attendees are grouped with peers of a similar level.

Each class will teach a facet of AcroYoga L-Basing or counterbalance fundamentals.

  • All skill levels
  • Partner not required

Class Structure

  • Opening circle
  • Warmups
  • Core lesson with progressions to a peak pose or flow
  • Warm down & stretching
  • Closing circle